Twitter Referral Program
Twitter Ad
Tweet it and get:
  • 1€ for every active refered user (limited up to 1500 users).
  • 15% of all incomes obtained from your refered leads.
  1. Download the image file.
  2. Entter your Twitter account.
  3. Copy&paste in a new tweet this text (do not publish the tweet yet):
    Get 40GB space for free! #Oficloud40GB @OficloudSL
  4. Optional: Send an email to with that same text (will serve as an auxiliary proof that you published it).
  5. Upload the image as an attachment to the tweet.
  6. Publish the tweet.
Everytime an user accesses our web clicking your link a cookie will be sabed on his browser, indicating the procedence of the visit for this one and future visits.
If the user generates a lead and confirms it by email your affiliate id will be associated to that lead so that we can remunerate you.