Mounting a Security Second Authority

In this tutorial you will see how to mount a device that will serve as second authority for your Oficloud account.
The idea behind a second authority is that every operation to your account will also be verified by that authority. This way, all your data will not be under the exclusive control of our Oficloud servers. You will remain the only owner of all the data in your account. We will be unable to access your data.

  • It can only exist one Security Second Authority (SSA) associated to your Oficloud account.
  • It is not mandatory that you manage your own SSA. By default every account has a default SSA managed by us. But in that case we have access to your data. If you are only making some tests, maybe it's not a priority that you configure a SSA yet.

To configure a SSA you need:

  • A single-board computer (SBC).

Requirements for the single-board computer:

  • A Linux distribution can be installed on it.
  • If it doesn't include Wifi you need to add a Wifi dongle.

These are some single-board computers already tested for that use:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B or B+.

You can find lots of alternatives looking for keywords 'raspberry alternatives' in a web search engine.


1. Mount SD image
Download an image and mount it into the SD card of your SSA (a software like Win32Imager will be needed to mount the image)

2. Configure Wifi
Configure a Wifi connection or connect a network cable to it so that you get access to the Internet.

3. Configure router
Configure your router so that it opens port 80 pointing to the IP of the SSA.

4. Change password
Use to change your password for the device.

5. Execute installer
Get the public IP of your router. In a browser execute http://YOUR_IP/install and follow the instructions on screen.
Database name, host, username and password are already set but you should change your password editing the file db.php.

6. Get your token-key
At the xxxx screen it will ask you for a token-key. You can find it in the Admin Configuration tab of your Oficloud account.

7. Done
If everything went ok you will get a confirmation message. From that moment on, your Oficloud account will only work if the SSA is running and connected to the internet.

8. If you want to turn back to use Oficloud SSA
At any moment you can stop using the SBC as SSA executing http://YOUR_IP/uninstall and following the instructions on screen.