Our Features

Privacy & Security

Data stored in Google servers

Coming with the most advanced terms
of service and compliance with guvernamental standards and rules

Default E2E encryption

Users don't need to do anything
different to get it

Proper E2E encryption

E2e encryption done properly with less dependence on good practices from your team members

Two layers of security

Any attack to your data needs to
succeed two times against two
different security authorities

Always Synced

Sync any folder in the cloud to a folder in your desktop

Sync your files automatically, so you’ll always be working
with the most accurate, up-to-date information.

You can sync private folders and shared folders. Sharing
documents will be so easy as drag & drop a file between two
folders in your device.

Sharing on your terms

Granular permissions

Granular permissions for all items in a
linux like permission architecture

Centralized control

Easily manage access and sharing
policies inside and outside your
organization while minimizing the risk
of data loss.

Sharing is a breeze

Send links to collaborators, not
encryption keys. Sharing should not be
more complicated than that

File version & recovery

Enjoy up to 120 days of version history
and deletion recovery so that mistakes
are not catastrophic.

Source code available

Your IT department can independently check the security of the system

The community will work to find and share possible vulnerabilities to help them being fixed faster

Edit & extend it accordig to your specific needs

Freely redistribute your own version


Choose a provider for storing encrypted data: Google, AWS or even your Private Cloud

Easily transfer files from one user to another when responsabilities change

We can stablish special data lost prevention policies with your organization so that even if we fail your data is safe.

Enjoy the secure cloud storage today