E2E encryption
Common cloud storage risks
You know the joke: “The “cloud” is just someone else’s computer”. Therefore, most cloud storage services suffer from a range of common problems and risks.
Local authorities get access to stored data
Even if these authorities use it for legit goals there is no guarantee your data will not be leaked as there are many cases in which the most protected government data is being leaked.
The increased risk of hacking and internal leaks
The question isn’t whether they will be hacked, but when they will be hacked.
Reduced productivity due to End-to-end (E2E) encryption
Team members often find ways to circumvent it as it reduces productivity. It is only effective if does not reduce productivity and is implemented rigorously – sending keys by email definitely does not qualify.
Oficloud is different
We provide cloud storage with robust end-to-end encryption by default. Our security solutions are rigorous, and never affect productivity.
How do we achieve that?

We provide software for installation on a private sever in your organization or through an online provider that automates end-to-end security for your entire team. This delivers the usual advantages found in cloud services (scalability and reliability with minimal infrastructure required) and crucial advantages not found with other cloud services.
Complete E2E encryption by default that doesn't affect productivity
We never have access to or control of your data. Your data can only be decrypted in coordination with your private sever, and we only manage encrypted data.
Two layers of security.
Hackers and data thieves must gain access to your private server, as well as our servers to access data.
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