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2 layers of security
Potential issues with Cloud Storage
Unauthorized Access
According to breach reports from 2015, there were 177,866,236 personal records exposed in that were held by financial institutions, educational institutions, health or medical institutions, businesses, the military, or the government.
Leaks from Employees
67% of leaks are caused by internal offenders
Undiscriminated Mass Sureveillance by Governments
More and more governments and politicians are claiming for applying such measures, providing no evidence that they will protect that data.
The number of cases of high security information leaked or hacked from governments is growing.
How does Oficloud solve that?
Anyone controlling your private server still needs the private keys of the users so that our server agrees to cooperate to decrypt
Neither your private server nor our servers store the private keys of the users, needed to authorize any opperation against any server
Only one superuser has full power to revert all privileges from any user and access their data
Practical examples
If a hacker only gets access to our server or your private server, he still can't get access to any stored data.
If a government wants to get access to your data it needs to require access to you and require access to us: it's impossible for any part to decrypt it independently.
If your employees leak information, it doesn't let anybody get access to your stored data
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